Crunch AU


Sorry, Crunch is unavailable due to our friends at Roland.

As of September 2004 I am actively working on the new Crunch, albeit slowly. I appreciate offers to design a new interface, but one has already been chosen. The new code base will also open up the potential for a VST version.

If you are interested, you can view the Cease & Desist (my first, haha!).

Crunch is a fairly simple overdrive/distortion effects unit with a tone control. The tone control actually sets the center frequency of a peaking EQ. It almost works out so you can set the frequency band that is distorted, instead of distorting the whole spectrum.

The distortion sounds quite nice, but the overdrive range is much smaller than the distortion. In a future version, I may try to change this, so it goes more smoothly through overdrive to distortion.

Change log for the original version

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